The Bywater’s Dia de los Muertos parade is my absolute favorite of the year.
This year was particularly special because we threw a face painting extravaganza prior to joining the masses. My sister Madeleine and I, along with two other painters, transformed a party of approximately 50 people into a mob of skull-faced mourners. We adorned them with traditional sugar skull designs of every possible variation.

It was the least we could do to compliment the incredible procession. The orchestra bellowed out upbeat funeral marches and heart-wrenching dirges. We marched to the levee and partook in an elaborate ceremony, which involved creating an altar and taking it to the river to burn in effigy. The choir sang invoking chants as the crowd of hundreds fell silent. It was a truly moving ritual; illuminating the deepest and darkest parts of ourselves as we honored those who have passed.

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