Our first P.S. Satellite exhibition was a blast. We had a great turnout as people of all walks of life came in to learn about plant medicine and the Divine Feminine.

The space was beautifully woven together with the work of several different featured artists.
Pictured above is Joan Isaac, who created a beautiful herbal elixir bar in collaboration with Niko Imbraguglio. “La Botica de Mami” was created in honor of Joan’s mother, a healer and plant medicine lover. She featured traditional drinks from the Caribbean coast of Panama with a twist, including Saril (Jamaican Sorrel with hibiscus flowers, ginger, and spices) and Chocolate Caliente con Menta. Niko and Joan made a special marigold syrup with fresh flowers from Grow On Urban Farms, and mixed it with Big Easy Bucha’s Jazz Juice and Crescent Vodka.

MaeDea LadyLaRose: Artist. Femme Queen. Healer. Priestess Poet. Witch. Mother. Virgo. Nurturer. Creature. Her focus is the ancient magic, the first magic, the womb magic. Reclaiming connection to our bodies, our wildness and our instinct through ritual, art and beauty. One hand holds the serpent, the other hand tends the green earth. She threads these relationships through her work as a musician and an artist.

Kurston Melton created a beautiful altar in honor of womb healing:
“While in the process of healing my own womb from trauma and the traumas of my ancestors I carry I’ve been turning to traditional forms of plant healing, spending time in solitude, crying, thinking, and reflecting. I created this altar for myself and for other women who are on the same journey of healing their own wombs.

As a woman, especially as a woman of color we keep so much of our grief, suffering, and pain to ourselves. Through the use of flower essences, medicinal herbs and flowers, and time spent in nature I’ve found my own form of healing. Creating this piece has been a beautiful cathartic release. I am honored to share it with others as a way of saying you are not alone. Let this altar be a place where we can lift each other up while healing ourselves.”

Lyla Clayre:

“Three nude figures submerged in a dreamlike oceanic forest represent past, present, and future selves. Looking back, looking inward, and looking forward. A personal exploration of self and oneness as well as a political exploration of the intersection of feminism and environmentalism. In what ways does the treatment of women reflect that of our Mother Earth? What magic could we make if both were revered? “

Ellenie Marie Cruz:

“Portal, Pilón, Pussy
Creation – Consumption – Consciousness
The “women’s work”
Divine – nourishment
Cosmically creating
Life – food – love
Returning – Ancestors
Like magic

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