On April 1st, 2016, I purchased my first home here in New Orleans (no joke). Since that day, I’ve undergone major series of renovations including rebuilding the foundation, reframing the front wall, reinforcing the ceiling, and soooo much more. It’s been such a birthing process, from the time I made the offer on Thanksgiving to making it through my first summer full of rain. I’ve been blessed with the help of some very skilled and trustworthy contractors throughout the process, and this old quirky gem is finally starting to stand up straight again!

I’m finally in here and making it beautiful. The downstairs is set up as a gallery to show my paintings, and will also serve as a healing space for my flower essence therapy practice (more on that later). My working studio is upstairs. The house is on a really energetic corner in the 7th ward, which gives it a unique triangle shape. I’ll be posting more updates as I slowly make my new home a work of art. Dreams really do come true, as long as you figure out exactly what you want and WORK YOUR A$$ off to get it!



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