“Power in Colors” is the peaceful protest sign that I designed for the Women’s March on Washington. I ran a GoFundMe campaign to produce 50 signs, digitally printed on corrugated plastic. The campaign was so successful that I doubled the goal and made 100 signs — 65 were sent on a bus to D.C. and the rest were carried in New Orleans.

This design communicates the essence of America the beautiful; that our POWER lies in our diversity. Our great-great-great grandparents came from every corner of the planet to create this nation, and our strength and versatility come from our multitudes of colors. We must stand for unity, empathy, and respect, now more than ever.

Additionally, The Amplifier Foundation has selected this design to be featured in their nationally touring exhibition titled “Hear Our Voice”, showing 50 featured signs from the Women’s March on Washington. The sign has also been chosen by the Historic New Orleans Collection for their archive of protest signs from the Women’s March. I am so grateful for the outpouring of support, as it has been very affirming of my decision to use visual communication to facilitate social awareness and change.

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