“Camila de la Primavera” 12×12″ hand-embellished ltd. edition gicleé




From Savannah to New Orleans, Puerto Rico and back, I’m excited to release this collaborative limited edition with my colleague Kelly Meagher!

“Camila de la Primavera” is a celebration of the divine feminine, featuring a portrait of our radiant friend Camila posing in the lush jungle with the ginger flower.

Kelly and I collaborated on the photo shoot in Rincon, PR, and painted the piece live on the beach at La Primavera Surf Festival. We embellished in Kelly’s studio up until the moment I had to fly back to New Orleans.

Now we reconvene in Savannah to release the edition! We met to hand-embellish each print with gold paint and signed & numbered them together. Part of the edition will be available at ShopSCAD in Savannah, and a limited number is available on each of our websites.