This past weekend I attended T-Bois (Cajun for “Lil’ Woods”), a unique blues festival which takes place in the swamps of Larose, Louisiana.

I had the time of my life listening to deep, wrenching delta blues while enjoying beer by NOLA Brewing and heart-warming Cajun food prepared by local chefs. It rained all weekend, but that didn’t stop anybody from eating, drinking, and dancing their way through the festivities. During the dry hours I had the honor of painting a mural for the NOLA Burning Man Community, which was set aflame at the end of the weekend. It encompassed one 10×10′ face of an open cube, in the middle of which a pyre was constructed. T-Bois takes place on the Falgout Alligator Farm, so I painted a “Germaid”, an alligator mermaid. This photo captures me adding some final bloody details in the firelight of another pyre.

The experience of watching my artwork burn was unlike anything I could have possibly anticipated. First, the artwork darkened as flames shot out from the middle of the cube. Then, the edges caught and the fire illuminated the mural. Smoke swirled around the composition and brought it to life. Then, the middle seam of the wood started to leak streams of smoke, until flames shot through, engulfing the Germaid. She peeled and bent and succumbed to the raging flames, until one final shred of wood remained for a moment bearing my initials, MRK.

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